Mobile-first Indexing is it time to re-design

Mobile-first Indexing is it time to re-design

In recent years, Google has somewhat shaken up the world of web design and SEO to the point where it is now more crucial than ever before to follow the guidelines that Google put in place, particularly if you want your site to rank high. However, Google is now adopting a mobile-first indexing approach. This means that Google will base what it places in the index on the mobile version of your site. This means that it is now considered to be more of a priority than indexing the desktop version of your site.

This new approach or way of working has been put in place because more people than ever before are now searching from a mobile device. Therefore, it wants to give users a better experience and that is why it has now started to prioritise mobile results. So, with this in mind, is now the time to redesign?

First things first, do not panic

Over time, more and more sites will have their mobile version indexed but this does not mean that anything significant is happening immediately. Should Google index the mobile version of your site, then you will know about this in your Google Search Console. This means the Google will consider the content of your site and determine how you will rank. So, at this moment in time, there is no need to panic but if you know that your site is not particularly friendly then you should begin the process of redesigning.

Check the mobile-friendliness of your site

You do not need to have a mobile site to be included in the mobile-first indexing as Google will also include desktop sites. However, if your site is not mobile friendly, you might find it difficult to rank and that means that you have work to do. Before you do get to work redesigning, you can run a check on Google’s mobile friendliness test.

Consider the UX on mobile

mobile friendly contentA mobile website will require a different design to that of a desktop site. Google has confirmed that you can condense your menus down into the hamburger style or the accordion style as these will help to make the whole mobile browsing experience a lot better. So, if you find that your user interface does not work, you should probably think about redesigning.

Create mobile friendly content

It can be difficult to read from a smaller screen of a mobile device and so, to make it easier for your audience, you should consider having mobile-friendly content. Keep sentences short and paragraphs as compact as possible. Use large, clear font and enough whitespaces.

Check where your audience comes from

Using Google Analytics, you can find out where your audience originates from. Are they mainly mobile or do they arrive at your site from mobile search results? Maybe a lot of your traffic comes from the desktop SERPS? (Search Engine Results Pages) Find out where it comes from and then decide what route you want to take

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