What is MailChimp and why should you use it?

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Mailchimp email marketing tool

What is MailChimp and why should you use it?

Mail Chimp Email MarketingWhen it comes to email marketing, MailChimp is up there as one one of the best tools you can turn to. It can help your marketing campaign in so many ways but what makes it such a great tool to use?

It is Forever Free

The “Forever Free” account from MailChimp is ideal for new and small businesses. It can help them to get to grips with their email marketing campaign by creating a subscriber list of up to 2,000 people and allowing them to send up to 12,000 emails. It is an effective way to hit thousands of people in one go and if your subscriber list reaches more than the limit of 2,000 then you can upgrade.

It is simple to use

It is a user-friendly platform that has been designed for everyone. Therefore, it makes it possible for everyone to send out professional looking emails without having any prior knowledge. The design and the way in which it works is constantly changing but it really is as simple as choosing a template, the layout and then inserting your content.

It has so many features

MailChimp has a lot of features that are designed to make things simple. Users can schedule emails so that they can be prepared in advance and then set up to send in certain days or times. This provides a great opportunity to stay ahead of your marketing campaign.

Email lists can be segmented, this enables you to reach out to different groups of people depending on the topics and the audience while the reporting tool, which comes free with the free account is a useful tool. It can provide you with information about who opened your emails and how many times and you can even see which links were clicked the most. It will inform you of the most popular days and where your readers are located, enabling you to really streamline your email campaign.

For many, the integration aspect of MailChimp is what makes it stand out. It works amazingly well with many other apps and services and Customer Relationship Management Software and WordPress. In fact, it can even integrate itself with social media, providing a greater level of insight and control.

responsive email marketing design

Excellent support

The support that comes with MailChimp simply cannot be found anywhere else. The staff are always on hand to deal with queries fast and their professional manner enables you to find a solution as quick as possible. Even their free account benefits from the support required instead of not offering it as a way of getting people to upgrade.

MailChimp is an exceptional product that gives small businesses the chance to grow and reach out to their audience without having to spend any money. Its flexibility and adaptability make it unique but what really makes a difference is its ease of use because anyone could get to grips with MailChimp once they have become familiar with it, enabling them to benefit from it in no time at all.

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