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Search Engine Optimisation is important, with over 90% of people finding products and services through search engines, achieving (and maintaining) first page positions for your domain is essential if you want to capitalise on this huge amount of traffic and establish your brand on the web.

And, as long as you choose the right keywords for your campaign. You can rest assured that you’re targeting a relevant audience that is going to respond to your marketing tactics.

However, search engine optimisation can be huge responsibility even for the savviest marketing department. Aside from carrying out time-consuming link building work, webmasters need to develop a strong understanding of how their site is indexed within the search engines.

Off The Peg Design’s approach to getting you to the top is built on robust research and analysis and carefully planned promotion. We combine our knowledge of online marketing with skills in coding, design and SEO copywriting to ensure maximum ROI – without compromising on the quality of your website content. Importantly, we work wholly within the ‘codes of conduct’ for search engines so there’s no risk of damage to your reputation.

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Search Engine Optimisation1. Research and Analysis

Every effective SEO project begins with in-depth research to identify the right search terms or keywords for the site. This isn’t just a technical process of analysing what users are searching for: it also demands intelligent audience and competitor analysis to identify terms which offer the best potential for quick wins, as well as the keywords that your organisation simply must be associated with.

Using our wealth of experience, we then build on this analysis to recommend the most effective search terms for your campaign.

We optimise for the big search engines:

2. On-Site SEO

Once you’ve got the right keywords, the next step is to make sure they are thoroughly embedded in your site. We offer a full SEO copywriting service for organisations that want this, but can also provide practical guidance for your chosen writers.

But it’s not just site content that requires SEO: the design and coding of your website are also vital. We conduct a full site audit to identify any technical barriers, from page names to metadata issues, that would limit your search engine ranking. For example, we make sure Google and other search engines can easily index your website. Our expert website designers can also recommend and implement other changes to improve the relevance of your site to your chosen search terms.

3. Off-Site SEO

SEO shouldn’t just focus on your own website: one of the key factors Google – amongst others – considers is a site’s popularity. At the most basic level, this means Google will look to see how many other sites link back to yours (commonly known as backlinks). The more backlinks to your site, the better your ranking should be. Of course it is not quite as simple as this: our experts can talk you through the factors that you need to consider, and help you discover the best ways to increase your site’s ‘virtual footprint’.

4. Campaign management

SEO campaigns don’t happen overnight, so it’s vital that your campaign is planned and monitored. We use automated position tracking software to provide constant monitoring and regular progress updates to you, while our online project management system ensures we keep your campaign on track and never lose focus of the end goal.

This integrated process not only delivers exceptional results in the short term, but helps provide the right foundations for your site in the long term. That means you don’t just see ROI in the first few months, but that your returns keep growing.

5, Pay Per Click Services.

Paid search marketing is the fastest way to get your website noticed. You only pay per qualified user click, not for impressions. However to really make this work you need to test, track and tweak the settings to optimize the maximum return.