Why Guest Blogging is good for SEO

SEO ConsultantIf you are looking to improve your search engine ranking then you are going to need a solid SEO strategy and that should include Guest Blogging.

The reality is that strong SEO will require excellent content and one of the best ways to enhance your SEO is to post content on high-authority site as a guest blogger but how does it help?

Guest Blogging – How it Helps

There is no doubt about it, your content marketing strategy will need to include Guest Blogging and that is because it can help to make a real difference. If you have created an effective content marketing strategy then it will work for you in three ways. It will drive traffic to your site, it will establish your credibility within your niche and it will enhance brand exposure. All of this is achieved by Guest Blogging.

There are some out there who believe that Guest Blogging does not work but that is not the truth. It is proven to help you with Search Engine Optimisation because when you generate backlinks through Guest Blogging that comes from high-quality sites within your niche, it can boost your rankings.

Guest Blogging can help you to create a reputation and all of that comes from the backlinks that are created as part of the process. When Guest Blogging is included as part of your content marketing strategy, it will enhance authority, trust and connections within your niche, all of which makes Guest Blogging good for SEO.

guest blogging reputatiion
However, it is important that you target blogs that are relevant to your niche because being relevant is extremely important. The reason for this is because as you are trying to build a reputation and authority, you have to do this within your niche and in front of your target audience and potential customers. A reputation that has been built in the wrong niche where you have no connections is pointless. Along with this, search engines are only interested in links that come from relevant websites. If they don’t then search engines, especially Google will penalise those websites that have a large number of irrelevant backlinks.

As Guest Blogging can take a lot of time and effort, it is important that you focus on targeting the highest authority websites within your nice. There are three main reasons why you should do this and they all make it clear why you need to target the right websites. The blogs that you are targeting must have a large number of readers, something that you can determine by the number of email subscribers it has or the number of comments that are left on blog posts as well as the number of times it has been shared on social media. It is also important that it has a high Page Rank and Domain Authority while it has to relate directly to your specific niche.

Guest Blogging is still very much relevant to SEO but it is important that it forms part of a larger strategy because search engines do check the number of backlinks that come from Guest Blogging and so if there are too many, you could be penalised.

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