Usability vs Creativity

In this modern era, everything is designed with creativity in mind. Our smartphones are almost a work of art and the latest smart Televisions are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than the content we watch on them.

In the same way as these devices, web design is also about usability and creativity because the two work together side by side. However, too much of one can cause problems for the other and this is why it is important to determine which one is crucial to not only you but also your audience.

The days of mundane web design are gone and almost every new website these days is designed with creativity in mind. This is not always a good thing but it works because the majority of visitors are drawn to a website that is pleasing on the eye. However, the success of your website and the results you see are purely down to your audience. This is why it is vital that you understand who your business and website are targeting.

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Knowing your audience                             

Ok, so on one hand, you have a website that is aimed at teenage shoppers and another that is aimed at tradesmen that want to purchase new tools and equipment. The website designed for the teenage audience will more than likely have sounds, videos, animations and a lot more for them to enjoy before they even begin to consider looking for the products they want. They want an experience that is enjoyable, relates to their tastes and desires and makes them feel as though the website has been designed for them and them only.

So, now consider that website for tradesmen. They want a no-nonsense kind of experience where they can log in, search for their items, purchase them and get back to what they were doing. They don’t require creativity, they want usability and they need it as simple as it comes. In fact, if they were presented with a website that was filled with videos and music they would more than likely turn to the website of a competitor.

What is right and what is wrong?

whats wrong with your websiteWhen it comes to usability and creativity, there is no real right or wrong way to do it. What is more important is that you incorporate a design that is aimed at your specific audience. Some want an interactive experience that makes the whole experience fun and exciting while others are looking for something that is simple and not lacking any kind of confusing features.

All of this can be achieved by creating a website that is aimed at your specific audience. Professional designers will be able to help assist you in identifying what is required of your website in order for it to become instantly identifiable with your audience while ensuring that it gives them all that want.

So, there is no doubting that usability and creativity are important aspects of web design but ultimately, the real success comes down to something far more important. It is all down to giving the end user an experience that fulfills their desires and expectations. If you get that right, then you can be sure that everything else will fall into place.

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