Google and Facebook Remarketing

Google AdwordsWhat is re-marketing and how can you use it to sell your products?

To define, remarketing is offering your visitors another chance to become customers. The result of such a marketing approach is increased leads and sales.

Perhaps you have a bit of experience on how this works. Did you by any chance visit a website, read an article there, or viewed their products, and later on, you saw the company’s ads popping here and there while you were browsing the internet or checking on your accounts (Facebook, Yahoo, etc.)?

What that means is the website has taken note of your visit and they take it as an attempt to get to know them more or to check on their services. The ads are a way to present their products to you again and that is how remarketing (or retargeting) works.

Types of Remarketing

One can use this type of marketing in different ways:

  • Remarketing in Search – targeting users who are searching on Google and search partner sites
  • Dynamic Remarketing – personalized ads depending on the products the users were looking at on a website
  • Display Remarketing – displays remarketing banner ads to users even as they are browsing other parts of the web
  • Email Remarketing – works by making use of customer information to create only the most relevant, highly-targeted email campaigns
  • Video Remarketing – targets people who have interacted with videos on a YouTube channel

These types of marketing can be done to outreach your website on several online portals (Facebook, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, AdRoll, etc.).

Remarketing has been a strong performer for many businesses and you can use it to grow your business, too.

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Types of Remarketing

How Remarketing Works in Facebook

Facebook retargeting allows businesses to reach out to people who have been to their websites and use these people’s data to find their profiles (on Facebook).

If you are on Amazon and you showcase your products there, Facebook retargeting can be very effective for your business. When you already found the Facebook profiles of the people who have been to your website, you can run a customized advertising campaign that specifically targets those visitors and entice them to see your Amazon products.

About Facebook Pixel

With Facebook pixel, you can deploy highly-targeted ads on a variety of devices in several locations. Facebook pixel is an analytics instrument used to quantify the effectiveness of an advertising campaign by understanding the actions visitors take on a website.

With this analytics tool, you can:

  • Make sure that your campaign reaches your target market– Get new customers or reach out to people who have been to your pages or taken a desired action on your website.
  • Drive more sales – Reach people who are likely to take any action that you care about
  • Gauge the results of your campaign/ads – Measure the impact of your campaign by determining what happens when people see your ads.

Highly-targeted campaigns

Facebook allows businesses to do a highly-targeted campaign on their platform. The platform seems to be able to identify who might be interested in your offerings and therefore enable you to show you remarketing promotions to users who meet your requirements for:

  • Age/generation and gender
  • Level of education, area of study, and school
  • Income and Net Worth
  • Home type, home value, and homeownership status

Further, Facebook can tell you if visitors are:

  • Liberals or conservatives
  • Dating or looking
  • Parents or expectant parents
  • New homeowners or long-time residents
  • Starting a new job
  • Will have their birthday soon

Facebook pixel allows for targeted ads in front of their users who have visited your site, making it possible for you to target their most interested users while avoiding individuals who do not fit your market.

What is The Facebook Pixel?

Remarketing with Google AdWords

Google AdWords remains to be one of the best tools you can use and is hugely important in strategizing a marketing campaign targeted to convert past website visitors into paying customers.

No matter where your business is located in any metropolitan city in the world, AdWords is an effective marketing tool you can use for any online business you run. With it, you can reach relevant customers within your budget.

Set up an account in a few steps:

  • Create an AdWords manager account here.
  • Use your new manager account to access the Accounts section.
  • Provide a name to your account. This is the name your merchants will see and use when making transactions with you.
  • Select your country, time zone, and permanent currency.
  • Click the Create Account button.
  • You’re done.

Ways to Use Google AdWords

This marketing scheme can be used in many ways but the major ones are as follows:

  • Dynamic Marketing
  • Search Ads
  • Video Marketing

It is fairly the same as the Facebook approach up to this point. Here’s one more technique:

  • Customer List Remarketing – Based on the contact information that has been inputted by customers, you can show your ads on different Google platforms whenever these people are signed in.

Use a pay per click expert

Advantages of Google Remarketing

Whether you are expanding your business or creating awareness for your brand, AdWords is one of your best solutions.

  • Well-Timed Targeting – Because you can display your products and services where your customers are currently browsing, you can stop them from purchasing from another site, and lure them to buy from you instead.
  • Focused Advertising – You can also make marketing lists of specific products to show to your past visitors and target those who previously placed products in their carts but did not purchase.
  • Large-Scale Reach – Reach out to potential buyers in various digital platforms and across all types of devices.

By remarketing your services with the use of ads, videos, and banners, you can engage with your current and previous customers/visitors and gain more exposure. Google and Facebook remarketing strategies are undoubtedly two of the best available techniques you can take advantage of.

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