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Is it Time Your Website Had a Makeover?

New Website Design It’s all too easy to think that once your website has been created that you can leave it and forget about it. Sure, all those years ago when you created it, it was almost industry leading because it was sleek looking, smart and simple to use. However, the truth is that it’s never quite enough to leave it and hope for the best because that’s a recipe for disaster and so, perhaps now is the time to give it a makeover.

There are many reasons as to why your website should have a makeover, so let’s take a look.

Technology Changes

A refreshed website will benefit from new technology and advances in web design. Whatever platform you use, you can be sure that it evolved from where it was all those years ago when you first created it. Whether it’s plugins, features and designs, all of this will leave your website behind and looking aged because they are updated for a reason. Therefore, a makeover should be carried out to ensure that your website is up-to-date.

Users Expect it

The reality is that users will expect your website to be up there with your competitors and even better than their website in most cases. From functionality to access and usability, they expect much more than what they did when you first designed your website. Their expectations are changing and to ensure your business remains a success is based on how you meet their expectations.

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Ensure it’s Responsive

Think that your visitors are happy to scroll and zoom when browsing your website on their smart device? It’s time to think again because this is one of the problems that forces them to look elsewhere because it’s not a simple process to browse your website. Your website needs to ensure that it’s accessible across all smart devices because this is where the majority of people are now doing their browsing so if you miss the mark then you won’t win their custom.

Meet Search Engine Expectations

Google is now using website responsiveness as a consideration when ranking your website. So, in the same way that you have to give users what they want when it comes to responsiveness, you have to do the same to impress Google. If your website does not tick every box then you will be penalised and that will have an impact on your ranking and how you are found by searchers.

Refresh Your Content

Aside from design, the content on your website will also need a refresh and it’s really important that this is done on a regular basis. Your content has to be kept updated and new content will appeal to search engines too but the more your website is updated, the more it is likely to resonate with users.

Giving your website an update or a refresh is something that you should consider on a regular basis. Keeping content and design fresh will make it more appealing and more likely to work harder for your business.

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