What is The Facebook Pixel?

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What is The Facebook Pixel?

What is The Facebook Pixel?

In its basic form, the Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website. From here, it then collects data that allows you to gain an understanding of how many conversions you get from Facebook ads while you can also optimize ads and create targeted audiences that allows you to create tailored ads. What’s more, it also allows you to remarket to those people who have taken specific action on your website such as adding items to a basket or browsing items.

Website GDPR help checkHow Does It Work?
It works by placing cookies and triggering them so that they can track users when they interact with your website as well as your Facebook ads. So, the code is considered to be an analytics tool that enables you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by providing an understanding of the actions that people take. However, there is more to it as the data it collects is used to place people into different target groups. Then, these people will be targeted with specific ads later on.

So, essentially, Facebook Pixel:

  • Is placed inside the coding of your website
  • Tracks the actions of people when they visit your website
  • Provide advertisers with the opportunity to target specific groups on Facebook
  • Allows companies to identify the effectiveness of their paid social media campaigns

While it tracks the actions of visitors, it also offers much more.

Conversion Tracking
This enables you to identify who has been interacting with your website after seeing one of your Facebook ads. You can track them across an array of devices and see how they behave. Using this information, you can refine your strategy so that your ads work better.

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After you have identified who has visited your site, you can then retarget them. As a result, you can fine-tune how you do this because you can show them items that they might have abandoned in their shopping cart or even added to their wishlist.

Lookalike Audiences
Many people share similar interests and likes as well as demographics with people who are already visiting your website. As a result, Facebook can help you to use targeting data to create a lookalike audience. This enables you to reach more people.

Facebook Ad Optimization
Using Facebook tracking pixel data, you can optimise your ads for specific conversion actions on your website. Using the pixel, you can optimize for conversions that work alongside your business goals such as sign-ups and purchases.

Facebook Ads Based On Value
Facebook collects data that allows you to see who purchases from you and how much they spend. This can help you to create ads that are based on value and so, you can target those who are more likely to spend more on a purchase.

Overall, Facebook Pixel allows you to create ad campaigns that are specific and direct. As a result, you can increase your figures and target people who are more likely to be more receptive to what you are offering.

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