How Social Media Can Influence Consumer Buying

How Social Media Can Influence Consumer Buying

Social media has changed considerably when you consider that it was once used for friends and family to keep in touch. However, it has now evolved to become so much more. Businesses are now harnessing the potential of social media, allowing them to target audiences and enhance sales, but how does it influence consumer buying?

Influencers Make An Impact

Influencers are individuals who have a large following and so, they post regularly whereby they advertise products or services offered by businesses. This content could be viewed by thousands or even millions but they use social media to influence the decisions that consumers make.

Business Presence On Social MediaBusiness Presence On Social Media

If a business has a presence on social media then consumers consider that to be a real bonus. Businesses seem more approachable when they interact in a social media environment. That link or relationship that they build can help to sway the decisions that consumers make when purchasing. If their feed is regularly updated and they respond to comments and queries, consumers will value this considerably.

Social Media Ads

Social Media now provides a huge amount of potential for businesses to target their chosen audience. They can place ads that align with their business goals and that can drive sales while retargeting ads and the likes of Facebook pixel provide businesses with the scope to tailor their advertising and marketing strategies in ways never seen before.

Businesses can encourage past customers to make additional purchases with targeted ads or reminders while similar products or complementing products can be displayed further enhancing the consumer decision-making process.

What is The Facebook Pixel?

Trending Posts Come First

Algorithms are constantly being changed but now, many social media platforms tend to place the most popular posts at the top of feeds. This grabs the attention of consumers and entices them to find out more. As products or services gain attention in the form of likes, comments and shares then that is going to work in a positive way.

Brands Can Create A Buzz

Businesses now have the scope to initiate conversations with consumers. They can ask them questions about what they like, what they’d like to see or even what could be improved. All of this helps to build credible relationships and ultimately, it can even lead to loyal customers helping to sell products to potential customers.

Consumers Search Social Media

Buyers are savvier than ever before because they now research before they make purchases. As a result, social media has become hugely popular for consumers who are trying to find out more about a product or service. Therefore, if businesses can rank high on social media platforms then they are going to reach a completely new audience and enhance sales as consumers decide to make a purchase.

Social Media is a significant tool that businesses have to implement within their marketing strategies. It cannot be ignored because the many different platforms currently available provide a unique opportunity to influence the behaviours of consumers with very little effort.

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