Social networking / Marketing

Social networking / Marketing

Almost everybody has a social media account right? Perhaps it is Facebook, maybe it is Twitter or something completely different. I think for most of us it is very rare that a day goes by that we are not checking the latest happenings on our social media accounts. In fact, for most of us it is many times a day! What many people fail to realise though is that social media networking and marketing can be incredibly beneficial to a business. Let us explain.

Perhaps one of the most powerful things about social media is that you are able to bring many of your customers under one roof and interacted with them. Trust us when we say that customers absolutely love companies which have a ‘face’ i.e. ones who are willing to interact with their clients. Through social media networking you will be able to open yourself up and take in questions from clients. They will love it. Perhaps the biggest benefit for you though is that here you have something akin to a mailing list. This means that you can send out special offers and promotions to your social media followers from time to time. You will be surprised at just how many of them will take you up on this offer too!

That’s not all. There is a really lovely benefit here which EVERY business should be interested in. This is the fact that people will be able to share your communications with their friends and family. This means that word of your business will spread without too much effort on your part. If you are lucky and post the right sort of thing then you may find that your message goes viral. This really can provide a MASSIVE boost to your business.

Social Media also provides a huge benefit for your search engine optimization (we actively use social media in our SEO strategies). You see, search engines such as Google are looking into social media more and more when deciding how to rank websites. If they see that you have multiple links there then you WILL rank higher than somebody who has 0 links through social media (which will most likely be most of your competitors). You can get even more SEO links easily when people start to share your content like was mentioned previously.

Of course not everything about social media networking and marketing can be covered on a single page. In fact, people have managed to write entire books on the concept and still not managed to explain everything! Therefore we are opening up ourselves to you. If you have any questions about anything related to social media marketing then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at ‘Off the Peg Design’ we absolutely love to help people out. We will of course love to help you give your social media marketing a kick start. Honestly, without incorporating this into your marketing plan you will find it INCREDIBLY difficult to get your business noticed

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