The rise of mobile browsing and responsive design

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The rise of mobile browsing and responsive design

Did you know that more phones with a connection to the internet are being sold than ever before? In fact, by the end of 2014 it is believed that there will be more mobile devices in existence, or at least being used on a daily basis than desktop computers. This means that there is a whole market out there that you can potentially tap into.

Now, of course your current website (if you have one at least!) can be accessed through these mobile devices. That is all well and good. However there is a major problem. You see, websites which have been designed for desktop computers tend not to look so good on mobile devices. In fact, visitors to your website will find it incredibly difficult to browse, let alone be able to read the text (after all, it was designed for a much bigger screen). This means that they will most likely land on your website and then disappear VERY quickly soon after. This is NOT what you want. After all, if you want a successful website you need the visitors to stick around and see what you have to offer! This is where we at ‘Off the Peg Design’ can help you out.

Our goal is to create a website for you which can be browsed from a mobile device, this means that the person visiting your website won’t have to zoom in or faff about at all. There are a couple of ways in which you can create a mobile website. Our preferred method is something known as a responsive web design. This is because it has a LOT of benefits compared to other methods out there. In fact, every major company uses responsive web design and if it is good enough for them it is good enough for you! The basic idea is that when the person visits your website your site will decide what type of device they are visiting from. Your site will then be adjusted to suit them. The great thing about this is that there is no separate website to update. This means that it is much less hassle for you, and one site means that you can really focus your SEO efforts properly.

There are many benefits that you can have when you have responsive web design in place. Perhaps the major benefit is that you really will be able to cater to that mobile market, which as I said is too big to ignore and it is only going to get bigger. In addition to this, websites which have a responsive web design tend to get a nice little boost in the Search Engine Rankings, particularly when the search is carried out from a mobile device. You will of course benefit from this too as you will have a ton of new customers come to your website through the search engines! This pretty much means more money in your pocket.

If you want to discuss responsive web design in a little more depth then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at ‘Off the Peg Design’ today! We would absolutely love to answer any questions that you may have about how catering for the mobile browsing market can help you to take your company forward.

  • The rise of mobile browsing and responsive design
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