Order online and become contact-free

How online ordering systems can help you be contact-free

Contactless ordering menuThere is a multitude of reasons most businesses and services are going contact-free where possible. The fluidity of a cashless service enables businesses to handle more orders and there are the obvious health reasons during and post Covid-19. Going contact-free improves the way in which a business performs, making them more efficient and adaptable to fit the needs of the customer. An online ordering system can be a significant part of this new contactless service and we explore the benefits and how it can aid you to become contact-free below:

What Are The Benefits Of Online Ordering?

For over a decade, online ordering has been one of the leading drivers of growth in many industries, having a huge impact, in the restaurant industry for example

Forward-thinking businesses understand the potential of an online ordering system. They understand the way in which it can enhance customer engagement and improve growth. Along with this, it creates a safer experience for both staff and customers.

Customers will have the ability to place orders easily online and that includes making payments. This leaves the final part of the process which involves the customer picking up their order. The interaction is minimal and almost all of the process is contact-free.

In recent years, the increased use of mobile devices has significantly benefited retail on the whole as more consumers embrace the ability to place orders on the go.

Online Ordering Is The Gateway to Convenience

Consumers are now opting to place orders online and there has been a reduction in the use of cash. Consumers want convenience and online ordering gives them that exactly. Consumers enjoy the experience of browsing in their own time and the ability to do that safely will only help to enhance the experience.

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Online ordering enhances the efficiency of ordering and it simplifies the process. Therefore, it allows businesses to take a hands-off approach when it comes being contact-free.

Whether it’s a restaurant or a DIY store, online ordering and going contact-free ensures that employees can be utilised in other ways, helping the business to become more productive in other ways.

Online ordering and going contact-free provides consumers with the ability to pay for products and arrange delivery conveniently. It removes the hassle and will ensure that consumers value your business and brand.

By implementing an online ordering system it can improve a business’s operational efficiency. Instead of receiving orders via telephone, your business could receive multiple orders within the same timeframe. The process is cleaner and more organized. By moving to an online ordering system, you might find that you’ll be able to reduce your outgoings and that can help to increase profits too.


Online ordering can consistently draw loyal, valuable, and new customers to your business. Convenience and ease are the driving forces behind its growth but in a post Covid-19 world, going contactless will build confidence in your business and give consumers the belief that you are considering their safety.

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