Why google business listing work for local SEO

Why google business listing work for local SEO

Googe Business Listing OptimisationSEO is wide and varied but for any business to succeed in the online world, it is vital. However, local SEO is something that local businesses should take serious if they want to ensure that they attract local users too.

This is often the case for small businesses such as plumbers or local shops but large businesses can also benefit from this useful tool.

The truth is, having a Google business listing is a great way to enhance your search engine presence as you can provide relevant information that will not only give users what they want to know about you, it will also help to enhance authority. As far as marketing tools go, Google My Business is up there as one of the best and what’s more, it is relatively easy to set up and manage.

Google My Business Enhances Trust

Trust is everything when it comes to business and in particular, local business. With a Google My Business listing, Google will see how users have engaged with your business through reviews and the information that you provide about your business will also enhance the trust between your business and search engines as well as your business and potential customers.

It Can Increase Website Visitors

Using Google My Business as a form of SEO is crucial and it is not just about getting people within your geographical area to visit your bricks and mortar store or book your service. It is also about getting people to visit your website where they can engage with it. Better still, when this happens, Google will see an increase in activity and this can help to improve our search ranking, all of which can help your local SEO.

It Can Increase Sales

The great thing about using this kind of listing is that it provides users with real-time information about businesses around them. If someone is driving through the area and has a puncture, they might search for “Tyre replacement near me” and that will mean that search engines will pick your business over others because you have a Google My Business listing. This alone can help to increase sales.

Google Business Map ListingsIt Allows You To Engage With Customers

Engaging with customers is crucial and Google My Business enables you to do this. You can keep them up-to-date with opening times or business changes, you can communicate announcements and events as well as promotions. You can even create a call to action which can help your local SEO in so many ways.

It is a Free Way of Optimising Your Online Presence

It is important that you create your listing as soon as possible because it is a way of enhancing your local SEO for free. Of course, you must keep your listing up-to-date and relevant if you want to benefit and get recognised by search engines. When you consider that a listing is 70% more likely to attract location visits while making your business almost three times more likely to be seen as reputable, it is something that you have to implement without a thought.

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