Why Bespoke Website Design is the choice of winners

Why Bespoke Website Design is the choice of winners

Your online presence can make all the difference in a highly competitive market. Your business benefits from having your processes mapped accurately so that your website does what you want it to do. Here is where bespoke design comes into the picture – giving your business the marketing tools it needs to succeed.

Why do people opt for a bespoke website design?

Businesses that have been using a standard theme often reach a point where its limitations are holding the business back. Off-the-shelf themes (aka templates) are great for getting you online quickly and cheaply but they have inbuilt drawbacks that may only become apparent over time.

They usually have a heavy code footprint that slows page load speed, which is very important to Google. That’s because themes must cater for many requirements that you probably do not use or need.

A unique website designed for your business

Your business is unique with its own USP, personality, values and ethos. Therefore you need a web design that reflects those attributes and stands out from the crowd. That is where bespoke web design shines – reflecting your brand rather than shoehorning it to an off-the shelf template.

The process involves getting to know you and your business. Only then can an experienced web designer go to work with an understanding of what you want your website to achieve.

Designing a wonderful customer experience is a key element of a successful website.

Creating user journeys is a key element. That’s where we plot how a prospective customer would interact with your new website. The objective is to subtly point the customer in the direction of taking the desired action. That could be to make a purchase or a reservation, or just to make contact and request more information. Achieving that successfully involves planning and designing the type of Call To Action (CTA) that will resonate with your typical customer.

Successful Website Design

Benefits of a bespoke website design for your business

There are some very important key features and benefits that you can expect to be baked in to your new bespoke website. Things like:

Tight security – The code of your bespoke website is yours alone, which makes it extremely difficult (if not impossible) for hackers. Contrast this with commonplace websites, where shared code elements, such as plugins, can easily be dissected and hacked by experts.

Future proofed – As your business grows, your processes and targets will very likely change. Your bespoke website can change with you, unlike an off-the-shelf model. For example, new mobile devices and operating systems come on-stream frequently and your website needs to be responsive so as to display well on them.

Lean, fast and responsive – Because the code does just what you want your website to achieve, there is no bloat for features that you do not need. That makes it fast to load, which is a very important attribute in Google’s eyes.

Superb SEO – Important SEO elements are built in at design stage that help to boost search engine rankings. Your website will perform better than a templated website.

How to start on the path to a unique bespoke website for your business

A great way to start putting together ideas for a bespoke website design is to note websites that particularly appeal to you.

Do this over a period of time and make a note of what aspects of each one appeal. Some may have eye-catching graphics or animation, others may have technical features or functionality that you think could apply to your own business.

This has the added bonus of giving your web designer a head start when it comes to imagining your ideal solution so that he or she wastes less time on draft designs that may not cut the mustard with you.

Next steps

A bespoke website is an investment in your business and its future. It makes sense to engage the professionals who can turn your ambition into reality.

Speak with us for a no-obligation chat about what’s involved and the uniqueness we can deliver to your vital online presence.

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