7 attributes of highly successful B2B websites

7 attributes of highly successful B2B websites

Your B2B website is working to grow your business 24/7/365 – your constant salesperson The best B2B websites have these important features.

  1. Immediately tell visitors what you can do for them (resolve a pain point).
  2. A great About Us page that instils confidence about the company.
  3. Visual elements that flow together seamlessly plus intuitive navigation.
  4. Professional copy that is strong on benefits but light on management-speak.
  5. Ideally some solid genuine testimonials from satisfied customers.
  6. Case studies (stories) that relate directly to readers with similar problems to solve.
  7. Brief summaries of products or services with the option to drill down for more information.

While your B2B website is a major branding and marketing tool, its sole objective is to convince visitors to make contact with your company. It has to be of a high standard to convert enough visitors into prospects.

The B2B website conversion cycle differs from the B2C buyer journey

Buying expensive consultancy services or new factory machinery follows a different customer trajectory than buying a new TV.

B2C businesses typically expect customers to buy on their first or second visit (the TV). B2B sales take longer – usually much longer.

From the buyer’s perspective, the first visit is often merely to create a shortlist of potential suppliers. If your business does not make the cut – if first impressions are not very impressive – then that prospect is gone, never to return.

B2B websites are usually not designed to close a sale. They warm up prospects and entice them to make contact. The subsequent sales process is typically handled by a direct sales team. Closing the sale may take weeks or months of frequent contact with the prospect.

Without a great B2B website, your business may not grow as it should

B2B website growthAs you can see, for your B2B website to work effectively it must follow the old tried and trusted AIDA formula: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

The eventual Action is to engage with your business by email, phone, contact form or whatever channels you offer for communicating with your site’s visitors

That will only happen if your website has the quality of design and content to grab their Attention in the first place, provoke their Interest in your propositions and engender sufficient Desire to tempt them to contact you.

Don’t assume that any old website will perform well for your brand and business. You do need professionals to design and build it for you – people who fully understand all of the above and who can make it happen for your business.

Next steps

Speak with us today and let us put together a plan to provide you with a dynamic and engaging B2B website that will inform, captivate and persuade 24/7/365 to successfully grow your business.

  • 7 attributes of highly successful B2B websites
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