What are Web push notifications?

In a similar fashion to mobile push notifications, web push notifications are clickable messages that are sent directly to users through a browser. They come from a website that is accessed on Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers and can be accessed on a range of devices including Desktops and laptops as well as mobile devices. They are a useful tool that can be used to make users think about your service even if they are browsing another site. It is an instant form of communication that makes it possible for businesses to enhance the visibility of their brand. With this in mind, how can your site benefit from them?

It removes the need for a mobile application

As a business, it will mean that you won’t have to invest money in a mobile app in order to benefit from utilising push notifications. As browser push notifications work on Chrome, Fox and Safari, it makes it possible for you to target users who are simply browsing the web on their device.

You can send time-sensitive messages

When your messages are sent, they will instantly grab the attention of users and when you do this in the form of stunning promotional messages, offers or even personalised discounts it means that you can take advantage of the time-sensitive message that users can read from the corner of their eye and click it should it interest them.

Reach a large audience

When it comes to market share, Safari, Chrome and Firefox make up around 77% of it and around 42% of time spent online. Therefore, if you choose to use web push notifications, you are going to be able to target a wider audience across all browsers.

Engage even if they are not viewing your site

Push notifications make it possible for your website to communicate with users who are using another website. This way you can grab their attention and possibly divert them back to your site.

Increased opt-ins

Users do not need to provide you with their email address or other details and they also have the ability to unsubscribe from notifications should they choose to, meaning that the opt-ins for web push notifications are higher when compared to emails.

Guaranteed delivery

Once you decide to click send, the notification will be delivered t users in real-time. This is not like emails that remain unread or in the spam folder because these notifications are delivered instantly. Even if the device is turned off, the push will still be delivered once it is powered back up.

Increase conversion rates

Studies have been carried out that show that web push notifications create conversion rates that are 50 times higher than that of emails. A successful marketing campaign hinges on effective communication and with so many different mediums to choose from, it is vital that the correct form of communication is chosen. Push notifications are a great way of increasing the visibility of your brand and a perfect way to attract new customers.

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