Why User Testing is Essential

If you thought user testing was a pointless or worthless process then now is the time to think again. When you are offering a product to users, they are the ones who will ultimately help your product and business to grow and that means getting your products right. Without user testing, you could completely miss your target market and waste resources and market and so, user testing is essential but why exactly is that the case?

You Can Increase Your Revenue

If you choose to invest in user testing then you will be putting yourself at a significant advantage. Research has shown that early user testing can help to increase your revenue. It is actually easier to double conversion rates than it is traffic and that make user testing a very important part of the development process. You might be running A/B tests but to get the most from these, you need tangible feedback from real users to guide you. User testing will show you exactly what works, what doesn’t and what produces conversions.

Reduce Costs

While you can increase your revenue, you can also make savings because user testing can help you to do just that. If you receive feedback from users, you can make informed decisions that are backed with research. This will help you to avoid development errors and proactively address the problems. The truth is, sorting out a problem after development can cost as much as 100 times more than if it is solved before development. All of this time and effort costs money. Often it can relate to things such as assuming that users behave in a certain way, assuming that they don’t care about certain features or even create navigation that confuses easily. User testing helps you to avoid these errors and save money.


Identify Where Users hit Problems

One of the main reasons users leave your site and go elsewhere is the fact that they hit problems and find themselves stuck. Users are not prepared to try and find a long-winded solution. therefore, they take the easy option and go elsewhere and so, user testing can help you to identify these problem areas. This will include misleading navigation, problems with creating accounts, faulty buttons or even inaccurate search results. User testing can help you to avoid these or identify them before they become a real problem.


A Fresh Perspective

If you have put a lot of time, effort and money into a product then you are going to be slightly biased. So, by going down the route of user testing, you can gain an unbiased perspective. If you want to create seamless and enjoyable experiences for your users, you need to listen to them and understand them. User testing gives you the chance to look at your design from a different perspective. You can almost become your users and identify those areas where improvements can be made, ultimately placing your focus on what matters to them.


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  • Why User Testing is Essential
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