What Are Chatbots and Why should You Use Them?

What Are Chatbots and Why should You Use Them?

A chatbot is an automated responder on a webchat or website that interacts with clients, answering questions about the service or business in the absence of staff.

Chatbots are being used to ease the pain that many industries face today when they miss a query or do not have the manpower to respond quickly enough to a customer. The purpose of chatbots is to support businesses and help to provide an efficient customer experience.

Why You Should Use a Chatbot

Accessible Anytime

Chatbots are basically virtual robots and can be programmed to provide an almost human-like experience. They can be implemented into the design of your website, providing around-the-clock support for consumers. They can operate all day, every day and will enhance the level of customer service you offer while enhancing the image of your brand.

Handling Capacity

As demand increases, you’ll have more customers and with that comes an increase in problems and queries. However, a chatbot removes the problem of ensuring you have a member of staff to handle each query.

Chatbots can simultaneously have conversations with thousands of people unlike a member of staff who can only deal with one at a time. Regardless of the time of day or the number of people in contact with you, each one will be answered immediately.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers want their experience to be straight forward and the simple interaction of a chatbot will provide that. They can be programmed to react to certain questions and responses, ensuring that they become a valuable part of any business and customer experience.

They also work without emotion and so, they remove they won’t react in the way that a human might. Along with this, they also treat every single person in the same way.


Employing people to undertake these duties can prove costly, especially when it comes to keeping up with customer demand. However, one chatbot is equal to a large number of employees and it can easily communicate with thousands of customers at the same time. They drastically reduce expenses and bring about a sharp rise in profits and customer satisfaction.

Work Automation and Training

Recruitment can be long and drawn out, trying to find the right candidate through the interview process, checking references and notice periods. A Chatbot can be implemented in no time at all and there is no need to train them and spend money doing so.

A chatbot will also maintain the same level of consistency that you might not get from human employees. Employers can suffer from a lack of concentration, tiredness and even frustration, all of which feeds into the customer experience. Chatbots are reliable, efficient and give you peace of mind that your business is responding promptly, professionally and in a way that ensures the customer is completely satisfied with the experience and the outcome. Chatbots will never replicate human interaction but when customers need answers, they provide the perfect solution.

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  • What Are Chatbots and Why should You Use Them?
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