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Good Content equals Great SEO

Search engine optimisation has become more than just placing keywords all over web pages of a website and hope that Google notices them. Well, if you do this today and Google notices, your site will be flagged for bad SEO practice.

If you want high visibility in search results these days, you need to build a strategy based on good content that will give value to visitors. Fresh content will reward websites with higher search rankings.

When creating content for search engine optimisation, it goes beyond just link building and keyword optimisation. The two still play a vital role in the overall strategy, but you can’t depend on them alone in order to generate more traffic to your website.

Google continuously change its search algorithm that can harm SEO practices but if you have high quality content, your website will suffer in the long run. The search engine giant favours quality over quantity. Websites with high quality content are more likely to have higher rankings in the search results.

High quality is subjective, right? But Google has been trying to filter the content of websites to find the most helpful ones to be featured on top of its search engine results. Some of the factors that Google look for are length of the content, videos, images, back links, good grammar, spelling, and more.

It is also important to stick to relevant topics when making content for your website. Visitors will read the content and stay around longer when they find similar content they are interested in. When the search engine sees a common theme of the content, they will go to the website and crawl it. Relevance is a vital factor in the visibility of the website.

You must know what Google sees as high quality content so that your website moves up in the rankings. A blog post is one of the easiest content to produce and your business must have one as part of your search engine optimisation strategy.


At present, most of the business websites have a section for a blog. It allows businesses to publish new content that is related to their industry. Publishing good quality posts will satisfy both Google and the target market. You must be able to provide readers with informative content. Search engines also encourage businesses to share news items that are related to their industry.

Blog posts also give businesses content they can share on their social networks. It gives the followers and fans a reason to visit the websites. When the link is shared through social media, it serves as inbound links that provide credibility to the website, which is a vital SEO factor.

Fresh, high quality content can help your search engine optimisation campaign. Just make sure that you are able to publish content on a regular basis. Aside from blog posts, you can also create videos, slideshows and more. Search engines reward websites that provide valuable information to people.

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