Why Google+ Local

Google+ Local is one of the features of Google’s social network. It used to be known as Google Places. It is a free online platform that allows businesses to increase their visibility on the Internet. Consumers use the platform to review businesses and help them find products and services within their vicinity. It is the most comprehensive business directory found online.

Google Plus Local is for businesses that serve customers within the area. Some of the businesses that benefit from this platform are builders, accountants, couriers, driving schools, photographers, restaurants, and salons, just to name a few.

When a person use Google to look for something with local content, such as caterers in London or gyms in Derby, The search results will show links to Google+ Local. The listings are found above the standard results and display the business’ address and phone number. It also shows a link to the business’ location on a map as well as reviews made by customers.

Customers who visit a Google Business page will see the business’ name, address and phone number. The page also shows the description of the business, its location on the map, operating hours, link to business’ website, photos and videos, reviews, and rating for the business.

Here are the reasons why you should use Google+ Local for your business.

how-ppc-payperclick-worksBetter Presence in Google Results

Google+ Local pages are seen above the search results. Businesses get better presence in the search results and attract more attention from users. If you employ good SEO strategies, there is a chance that you are listed in the first page twice, one for the Google Business listings and in the standard search results.

More Accessible to People

Businesses with Google+ Local pages have a better way to connect to more people within the area. More people still use Google as their primary search engine and people use it when looking for information.

Improve Online Reputation

In order to be part of Google Business, business owners must go through a verification process. This alone makes Google+ Local pages more trustworthy than the business’ website. It also features a review and rating system to give potential customers a view into the products and services of a business. Poor ratings mean lower page ranking for the company.


Allow Communication between Businesses and Customers

Google+ Local allows businesses to communicate with customers. The platform lets customers and businesses exchange messages and follow each other.

These are the reasons why businesses should use Google+ Local. It is a free platform that is simple to set-up and use. You should start incorporating Google Plus Local in your business as soon as you finish reading this. It will do wonders for your business.

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