What is Cloud Hosting and what are Its Benefits?

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What is Cloud Hosting and what are Its Benefits?

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting on multiple virtual servers that are clustered to give more resources for hosting. The website owners who are using cloud web hosting can get into the service as many times as possible because they will not be charged based on the number of times, but on what they use.

The need to use cloud web hosting depends on the demand of the website being hosted. If the website is receiving more traffic, then cloud servers are a solution. There is a trend of using cloud hosting in the computing industry. Businesses are given a virtual space to store their important applications and files. These valuables are to be accessed only by an authorised person.

Cloud web hosting is interchangeably called clustered hosting because of the multiple servers that are used to host websites. The server networks are taken from various data centres in different locations. For this reason, failure of one server cannot affect other servers.

How cloud hosting works?
To see how it works in web hosting, cloud hosting can be categorised into IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). For IaaS, the virtual servers and the equipments to host the website are bought on a need-to-use basis. In PaaS category, the service provider manages the platform of cloud servers to run the business applications. The website applications are supported without the need of additional software. On the other hand, in the SaaS category, the service provider manages all the software. The client need not be concerned about server expenses and licenses.


Cloud web hosting accommodates a wide array of clients’ needs hence it is categorised into public, hybrid, and private clouds. It is a centralised web hosting which does not require extra software, or extra hardware.

What are the benefits of cloud hosting?
Surely one would start by mentioning reliability among the benefits of cloud hosting. Yes, it is a reliable type of web hosting on multiple servers instead of a single server which proved to be unreliable if it goes offline. With regard to cloud web hosting, when one server is offline, other servers will continue to offer network support to the website.

Cloud hosting offers physical security to the websites. The physical servers used for this hosting are located in the data centres, in various locations. So there is no disruption to those physical servers. Furthermore, this hosting is responsive to the demands of the websites. It can be adjusted accordingly. The hosting is also flexible because of multiple servers. Its resources are not limited to a single server thus making them easily accessible upon request by client’s websites. This type of web hosting allows website owners to only pay for what they use regardless of how many times they get into their service.

Public cloud services are continuously available irrespective of location. If you want to target Essex or the Entire world then cloud hosting is a recommended solution especially when your website is popular and receives more traffic or requires high availability

How can businesses benefit from cloud hosting?
The poplar websites that have depleted or depletes with ease the current resources of shared hosting can benefit from cloud web hosting. It is a solution to an increased traffic on any particular website because of many available resources. Cloud hosting is even a better solution as compared to dedicated web hosting because dedicated hosting is more expensive.

rapid-ecommerceMany websites hosting service providers are starting to transition to cloud web hosting because of its growing trend in the industry. The businesses can access their data and software anywhere with cloud web hosting. Many businesses see it as a better option because of its scalability, reliability, and flexibility. Some well known big companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook are using cloud web hosting for their websites. You seldom find these companies having their websites shut down. This type of web hosting is reliable.

Cloud hosting is beneficial for any business looking for Essex web host. There are many advantages with this web hosting, and it is also cost effective because the business can only pay for what it uses. The business owners have access to the data and software anywhere and anytime. Security is enforced in cloud web hosting. The advantage of being hosted on multiple virtual servers is that, should one server go offline, your website will still be supported by the remaining servers.


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