AB Testing: What Is It? And Why Should You Do It?

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AB Testing: What Is It? And Why Should You Do It?

AB testing is also called split testing and compares two versions of a website design or pay per click ads to find out which one performs the best. Split testing is an experiment where users are shown different versions at random and statistics are gathered about each version to determine which one performs better for the task being tested.

Split testing against a currently used version and a new version of pay per click ads provides you with information if the new version is better or not. Even if the new version is found not be the best option, the split testing can provide you with information about why it is not reaching your goals.

This testing takes most of the guesswork out of ad and website optimization. The information gathered during this testing can also help businesses because they can make changes to the overall business from the data that is collected.

Why Should You do Split testing?

Split testing provides you information about your website design or ads. This information allows you to make careful changes that will improve the success of the ads or the website. Before doing split testing, you should have a list of goals that you want to see from the new version.

Split testing can be done regularly to improve a website or find out why your monthly statistics or sales are changing. The testing can also be used to answer one question or settle disagreements about the design of an ad or website.

By regularly testing new designs before implementing them, you can see better returns from the updates. This can save you money in the long run because you weed out any programs and weaknesses that your website or ad campaign has before you release it to the public.

Google permits and encourage website owners and website designers to perform split testing. They have added guidelines that will protect your website’s search rank when you are performing split testing on your website. You will need to avoid using cloaking tools since these will damage your search rank, even if you are split testing your website.

You should only run the split testing as long as it is necessary because any movement of users from one URL to a new URL can be seen as deceiving the search engine. This makes it super important to remove the test versions and update your website once the split testing is completed.

Split testing is an important part of creating pay per click ads and website design. This testing provides valuable insight to what is working and what could be improved on. These improvements can boost clicks and sales within just a few days.

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  • AB Testing: What Is It? And Why Should You Do It?
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