Are You Using Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most used types of marketing. The most interesting part of social media promotion is that it has nearly a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should be using social media marketing today.

  1. Boost Your Business’s SEO

Search engine crawlers can tell when a webpage is getting consistent traffic or if it is just there. Along with improving your keywords on a website, you can also use social media to drive traffic to specific pages that you want to see more traffic going to. The higher amount of traffic to this specific webpage will improve its search engine rank overtime.

  1. Your Competition is Most Likely Already Using Social Media Marketing

Around 90 percent of brands are now using more than one social media platform. The longer that your business does not use social media, the harder that it will be to catch up with the competition because the competition will have had more time to find customers and win over their loyalty. The best option is to use multiple social media platforms and plan your social media marketing strategy before starting out. This is how you can gain customers first, so your competition will need to play catch up with you instead.

  1. Build customer loyalityA Strong Social Media Presence Builds Customer Brand Loyalty

A study published by Texas Tech University found brands that had active social media profiles have higher amounts of loyal customers. This is easy to understand because when you are interacting with people on social media, your business looks less like a corporation after people’s money.

  1. Find Customers that You Never Knew Existed

Market research can only help find customers that you are looking for. Social media is used by millions of people daily who are looking for the latest news and sharable content. If you are sharing content that new people see, they may become long-term customers.

  1. Social Media Marketing is a Fairly Level Playing Field

In the past, the size of a marketing budget affected if a business was going to be successful or not. While a good sized marketing budget can help, it is not required anymore. Businesses now need to know how to market their products in the best possible way on social media and be aware of the audience they should be targeting. This is why many brands focus heavily on sharable content that is attention grabbing. Sharable content makes it easy to increase your website’s traffic and brand awareness at the same time. Most times, if you are out writing, out networking, and out witting the competition, or you offer a better product or customer service, you may not need a huge marketing budget.

Today, businesses need to have a social media presence to be successful, and there are inventive ways that you can boost your presence on social media. Social optimisation allows companies to target their content to match up with customers and improve their customer base quickly.

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