What are AMP Pages and Do I Need Them?

The abbreviation AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page, but before we get into its nature let’s hold back a bit and give a quick review on the development of the search engines, the types of searches and the devices used to conduct them.

The History of Search Engines

Long story short, almost twenty years ago Yahoo was still the market leader when it came to people looking up information on the internet. Google was created in late ’98, and a well-known fact is that they were looking to sell the company to Yahoo for a million dollars, which Yahoo turned down.

Moving forward, the past twenty years have been massive when it comes to the advancement of technology. More and more people are using the internet to do actions which they previously couldn’t. Google is obviously the biggest search engine, and up until the iPhone and all of the following premium smartphones, the majority of searches on the web came from personal desk computers and laptops. You might be wondering what does this have to do with AMP pages and you are about to find out.

What are AMP Pages?

Google’s official report displays that sixty percent of all searches on the engine in 2016 were conducted via a mobile device. Keeping that in mind, Google has launched the open source Accelerated Mobile Page project in partnership with Twitter. Even though the hardware behind the mobile devices has improved a lot in the past few years, there are still ways to improve the end user experience when browsing a mobile website.

The AMP pages is a newly developed standard which aims to enable the end user to load a particular website much quicker on his mobile device, improving its responsiveness due to the lower amounts of resources required. In all honesty, most of the elements the user observes on a desktop site are completely unnecessary and provide no functionalities.

Twitter is the first company to adopt the technology as any website opened through the platform which has implemented the AMP pages’ standard will be much quicker to load.

Would I Benefit from AMP Pages?

Modern day business is forced to have some sort of an online representation. The websites which will benefit the most out of the open source standard are mainly content publishing websites. These two are linked through the necessity of business owners to promote their services and products. The main way to do so is by conducting an SEO campaign on your website.

The key factor, which leads to the success of an SEO campaign, is the content. Keeping that in mind, you shouldn’t necessarily implement the technology throughout your entire website, unless it exclusively operates with content. A good advice would be to implement it in your blog section, as that will be the most visited part of your mobile website. This is also the main reason Twitter were so quick to take advantage of the technology.

  • What are AMP Pages and Do I Need Them?
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