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YouTube VS Vimeo video hosting

Video hosting service permits an individual to upload a video and share it with a global community within few minutes. It can be a clip of 15 seconds to a full length movie. YouTube and Vimeo are the two giants ruling domains of Video Hosting Service, but would you like to find out which one’s the best in them? Let’s look into the pros and cons below:

From a business point of view, YouTube is an explicit choice as it is the most visited engine with 500-800 million unique visitors per month. Every minute, 72 hours of videos are uploaded on it. Being a great business advantage for many, it is also embedded in Google, the widely used searched engine in internet-driven world. Uploaded videos have good chances to be shown in search engines, hence greater chances of the viewers to view it. Amazingly a video can go viral within hours through this process. In this highly materialism-oriented era, YouTube provides this Web Hosting service free of cost. Another plus about the website is easy to access and has a user friendly web design.

On the other side, Vimeo does not have visitors ranging in hundred millions. Approximately, there are only 60-75 million visitors per month. Therefore, when it comes to the usage of these websites, YouTube wins the race.

YouTube has a maximum number of visitors which means it also has a tremendous number of content available as well. The material is of anytype quality, ranging from aesthetic and authentic to unaesthetic and unauthentic. Consequently, filtration might not come up to expectation and a searcher can find a lot of trashy material continuously showing up. The number of advertisements before each video you open can be very irritating. Each ad lasts for about 15-30 seconds, making the whole process extremely time consuming

Vimeo is more of an artistic portfolio. Everything is well organized, filtered and made aesthetically available. Vimeo can suit an organization that is attracting a particular niche audience. People attracted to this site are those who take video making more of a profession or an artistic job. It has far greater video quality than that of YouTube. Advertisements don’t stand in the way of one’s work. Video of any length can be uploaded. Very often, YouTube is compared with Facebook and Vimeo to LinkedIn to underscore the larger difference in the working of both.

Which video hosting service is the best choice altogether depends on the nature of a video and priority of the video sharer. If a large number of visitors is the priority, then YouTube is the best and if one wants his video to be shared with a certain number of audiences-the creative ones, then no doubt, Vimeo is better. We wish you good luck with whatever you choose!

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