Why we use Codeigniter

Codeigniter is a powerful PHP framework to develop web applications with highly advanced features. It helps you in developing projects very fast compared to writing codes from scratch. It provides you a set of libraries which is required for the necessary tasks. There is a logical structure and simple interface for accessing these libraries. The PHP framework lets you focus creatively on a project by reducing the amount code required for a particular task. Hence, you can develop your professional project more efficiently in less time by using this framework.

Codeigniter is perfect for you if you need:

  • A framework having a small footprint.
  • A framework, which requires almost zero configuration
  • Exceptional performance
  • A framework in which using the command line is not necessary
  • Extensive compatibility with the standard hosting account, which runs a number of various PHP versions as well as configurations.
  • A framework in which you do not have to stick to the restrictive rules of coding
  • A framework that favors simple solution
  • A thorough and clear documentation.

Following are a few reasons of why you should choose Codeigniter over other PHP application framework:

Minimum Server Requirements:
Unlike other PHP frameworks, Codeigniter is compatible with PHP 4 as well as PHP 5. This has made the lives of users very easy. This is especially true when you are required to work flawlessly between two different environments.

Easy to Understand
Codeigniter is simple to understand compared to other PHP frameworks like Symfony, Zend framework, Cake PHP, and many others. Writing new libraries, changing the existing libraries’ behavior and the overall working of framework is all simple with Codeigniter.

All The Tools Are Available in one Package
Calendar, zip encoding, e-mail, validation, sessions, uploading, unit testing; these are only a few of the libraries that are built in and come with Codeigniter. It also provides you default helpers for things such as file handling, forms, arrays, cookies, strings, directories etc.

No installation Needed
The installation is the most difficult part when you go for a new framework. Codeigniter is one of those frameworks that can be installed and used by simply uploading the files to a directory. You no more need PEAR packages or modifications in server to get it installed and working.

Built-in Security Tools
Codeigniter enables you to implement security to a level which you may think is essential for your applications. You can also enable options such as cookie encryption, handling the session data using a database and avoiding SQL queries automatically.

Excellent Documentation

The biggest benefit of Codeigniter over other frameworks is its documentation. The documentation of Codeigniter is considered ten times better than others because it is backed by a company “EllisLab” and not just a community. The company does not hesitate to invest necessary resources to come up with top quality documentation for the users. Which is why we at Off The Peg Design, love to use it for our custom development builds

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