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Online Video Promotion for Business

Video promotions are one of the most useful methods of establishing and advertising brands both in mainstream media and online. However, due to the growing influence of the internet, written content that is search engine optimised are being preferred over video content. However, there are real benefits of using videos, especially if one wants to deeply imprint and convince or indeed instruct. These are some of the benefits of using video promotion to promote businesses.

Four main benefits of good video promotion campaign

Effectively conveying information is the foremost benefits of using website videos for explaining or promoting products or services. It has been observed that children and young adults have a better chance of learning through visual aids rather than relying on written instructions. For this reason, if a business wants to quickly pass their brand’s message and imprint it to their customers, using video promotion is the best way.

Increase people’s retention to one’s website is another benefit of using website videos in promoting brands. A two or three minute stay in one website is a huge achievement for a website, especially as the rate of retention in most websites range from 20 seconds to a minute. If the website doesn’t attract a customer at that time frame, he or she will never return to that website again. However, if the customer is provided with a good, well-crafted video, convincing customers is no longer a hard thing to do.

Videos can also be geared to be optimised for search engines, though this can be fully accomplished by adding written content in tandem with a video. However it has been observed that, as most people on the internet watch videos than read stuff, it is a good chance that using video promotion on your website can attract far more people than relying on written content or pictures alone.


Lastly, video promotion campaigns are more appealing to social networks and could be easily shared and promoted. Social media is a growing internet trend that is changing dramatically how people communicate over the web. Through this medium, information is shared online and in real time. People from different countries can instantaneously talk to each other, exchange message, images and videos. This is the reason why businesses that use social media as their promotion venue normally would use videos for their posts.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, one video is worth a thousand pictures. The impact of videos to human society is profound that today, most people would rather watch a movie than read the book, of which that movie is based on. As people are becoming more and more attached to technology, it is inevitable that videos will increase in importance and will become a major part of every online marketing strategy.

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