WordPress vs the world

Wordpress Expert Basildon EssexWordPress has transformed the way in which websites are designed and it is now the go-to platform for many web developers. It provides a vast array of features and that gives developers the scope to create eye-catching designs that work in every possible way.

The great thing about WordPress is its use of plugins and features that are tailored to the designer’s needs. It is a bespoke platform that enhances the design and that is always a good thing for any designer. Its versatility is what sets it apart and that gives designers the chance to create websites that work for their clients. The platform is always being developed and updated too which means that it moves with the ever-changing landscape, ensuring designers can lead from the from the front.

However, with this comes the belief that WordPress poses a significant security risk but is this really the case?

In truth, WordPress works exceptionally hard to ensure that all plugins remain secure and this is where a potential breach in security could be made but users have the ability to ensure they check plugins are up-to-date. If this is done then they can reduce the risk of any security-related problems. Along with this, users can also remove a number of their plugins if they no longer use them or they are no longer supported, this helps to increase security.

Wordpress Security Expert
What’s more, for WordPress to remain as secure as possible, it is crucial that the core application remains updated. However, this is not something that users have to actively monitor because much of this is done automatically. Therefore, if you have the default configuration it will mean that when a new version of WordPress is released by the core team, it will upgrade to the new version automatically. All security fixes are released as minor versions.

Therefore, when they do release a security fix, unless you have a specific configuration, it means that the update will not be automatically applied and this could leave users exposed. However, the positive in amongst all of this is that the core team is always actively monitoring security risks, ensuring they work proactively to reduce vulnerability.

So, the reality is that if users use the right plugins and keep the number of themes at a minimum, it will enable them to reduce the risk of attack. WordPress is no different from any other platform and the risks are always apparent. However, it is all about how you actively manage those risks and reduce the chances of an attack. Many people consider it to be a security risk but that is not the case. It is a unique platform that works exceptionally well and that is why so many designers use it to create stunning websites. All it takes is for users to ensure they take all the necessary measures to remain safe and secure which makes it no different from any other form of online platform.

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