Is Facebook dead? what next

Is Facebook dead? what next

GDPR Website compliantUnless you’ve been hiding under a rock there’s no chance that the recent appearance of Facebook in US Court over the Cambridge Analytica scandal escaped you. As the dust settles on the case, critics are coming forwards and saying that Facebook is dying, and what comes next?

During the high-profile case Zuckerberg even managed to touch the meme-making community with many people comparing the CEO’s involvement to either an android or an alien – we don’t dispute this either. It was that big. MEME sized.

Next came the explosion of GDPR emails and the rush of every company around the globe to clear their EU data. We’re still clearing our inbox now.

But what has all this negative press surrounding the use of data done to Facebook?

As a company, we have used Facebook to get our clients traffic, conversions and leads for years now. With the right knowledge of the infamous Facebook algorithms and targeted ad campaigns it can deliver a very cheap ROI for any business.

Couple this with a bit of smart Facebook group use, and you’ve got a very good platform to help a business grow.

But it doesn’t just stop with marketing. Facebook has become a hub for companies that need to deal direct with customers and often help humanize their reputation.

We could start to talk about the SEO benefits of social media traffic and links. But we’ll save that for another post…

And whilst there are so many people saying that Facebooks time has come, and that the social network is dying, you still should be considering it for your marketing efforts.

The number of users that login to Facebook daily was 1.45 billion in April 2018. 1.45 billion. Daily. That’s roughly the combined number of people that live in Australia, France and the UK. Minus the population of Reading (maybe).

Facebook Stats 2018

A huge number given that it came after the grilling of Humanoid Zuckerberg.

Therefore, even if the numbers start to decline, which we doubt we’d hear about anytime soon, Facebook could be dying. But it’s going to be an extremely long, extremely drawn out and extremely profitable death.

Other social networks have come to the fore since the tech giant made its fumble, offering private and safe data without any ads. And whilst their numbers may steadily grow, it’s safe to say they won’t have the dads, mums, sons and even grandparents signed up like Facebook does.

These new age social networks have the best intentions, but they’re missing one thing, a sheer mass of users and your potential customers.

Still pretty sure that Facebook is on the decline?

Why not message your friends about it? Because chances are you’ll be using free messaging service Whatsapp to do so.

Whatsapp is another part of the Facebook empire. And, when combined with everyone’s favourite photo sharing app you can really begin to understand that Facebook is here to stay.

The cool kids that are revolting against the use of the data may decide they are going to leave, but what you need to be considering is where your market is?

Even as they do leave, it’s highly likely they have invested time and effort into taking photos of their friends and their food for Instagram. And how do you build a successful Instagram ad campaign for your business? Using ad campaigns built in Facebook’s ad manager.

We’ve always found that Facebook should be the first port of call for any business looking to sign up for a social network. What tends to differ is how you use the platform. But this of course depends on your goals.

For us, Facebook is not dying any time soon. So, don’t get out your black shirt and tie just yet. And even if people are starting to leave, is the loss of a few million users really going to stop you advertising on one of the biggest networks of active and interested people in the world?

We hope not, because when it’s used right, Facebook is still an exciting tool for both marketers and users.

If you want to discuss anything about Facebook, Instagram or any social network and how they may benefit your business, or even if you just want a friendly chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We can build, strategize and monopolize on the social giants, so you only have to worry about doing what you do best, running your company.

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