EU Cookie Law Explained

On May 2011, the EU Cookie Law was imported to the United Kingdom. What is this law all about and what does it mean for online users like you?

EU Cookie Law ExplainedWhat is a Cookie?

A cookie is a piece of text file containing your data when you visit any website. It is used by many websites to tailor-fit their browsing experience according to what you want, what you need, and what you’ve been searching for online.
It’s not as rare as you think. Popular social media websites like Facebook and YouTube use cookies to show you what you want to see, and therefore creating more traffic for their websites.

The EU Cookie Law

The EU Cookie Law is a law which protects the privacy of online user online. It also repels unwanted online marketing. It mandates all websites to have a website cookie notice first before they start collecting cookies from your computer.

The law was imported to the UK on May 2011, and the government has given all website a year to comply with what it has mandated. On May 2012, all websites should have complied with what is necessitated by the law in order for them to avoid getting shut down. A website cookie notice should pop-up before you start browsing a website. Otherwise, they would have violated the law and could be subjected to legal prosecution.

Why Do You Need It?

Website cookie consentYou need the EU Cookie Law to protect your privacy online. Have you ever felt like you are being “stalked” because a certain website shows exactly what you want to see? That’s because of the cookies they have received from your computer. It should be within your rights to be free from that feeling. Before a website takes information for you, it is only right that they ask for permission first through a website cookie notice.

You also need the EU Cookie Law to protect you from unwanted online marketing. Today, where online marketing is at an all-time high, it cannot be avoided that websites would take advantage of cookies to try to show you what you want to see. It, then, leads you to action whether to visit the website or to purchase something from that website, consequently allowing them to generate more income.

It’s also important because it helps to lessen spam e-mails from your e-mail address. There are cases when websites would take your e-mail address and forward them to companies whose service they feel would benefit you. Spam e-mails are not only annoying; they may even pose potential threats to your computer.

The EU Cookie Law aims to protect you from all the risks that come with browsing the Internet. As website designers, we only want the best for you, and we want to protect your privacy. That is why we always make sure that each website we create has a website cookie notice, not only to comply with the law but also to make sure that you and your users are safe online.

Now with Brexit, there is talk that actually we no longer really need this pointless piece code, but as of 2018 they will start cracking down

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