Facebook Hoaxes

facebook hoaxHave you seen a status which has been posted by a multitude of different people on your friend list? Does something seem a little off to you? Well, these people may be the victim of a Facebook hoax. Thankfully, many of these Facebook hoaxes are not dangerous. Not by a long shot. They are just incredibly annoying. On this page, we are going to talk about two of the most common hoaxes on Facebook.

Facebook will start charging

The actual words said for this hoax, and for the other hoax for that matter, will vary considerably. They all boil down to one thing though: Facebook is going to start charging for their services.

The fact is, Facebook is not going to charge for their services. If they start charging for their services, then they are going to lose the vast majority of their user base. This, in turn, will completely eradicate their income source.

Facebook is free because you are the product. Companies purchase advertising on Facebook to display to you. Just by browsing your Facebook page each and every day, you are earning money for Facebook. Just by socializing with your friends, you are earning money for them. They are earning far more by offering the website for ‘free’ to their users than they would if they stuck everything behind a pay wall.

Remember, if Facebook is ‘paid for’, the users will then expect various perks. One of the perks that they will expect will be ‘no advertising’. So, Facebook will have to cut ties with their advertisers. This, once again, is going to cause their income to plummet. Basically, you should never expect Facebook to charge because they will never do it.

copy and paste facebook privacyYou have to copy and paste text to protect your privacy

This is another common hoax on Facebook. This hoax pertains to the privacy of your account. It makes you believe that if you share a piece of text, Facebook will have no rights to anything on your wall or in your photo album. The truth is; they do.

This is their website. When you sign up to Facebook, you agree that Facebook has control over everything that you do with your account. This is the terms and conditions of using their website. If you want to use their website, then you have to agree to those terms and conditions.

I am going to come back to the ‘advertising’ thing here. Facebook needs access to your ‘private’ things because that is how they advertise to you. They look at your likes and interests. They even look at your wall posts. This enables them to tailor advertising do you. Once again, they are not going to give up their income source just because you posted something on your Facebook wall.

These are, of course, just two of the hoaxes that you should be aware of when you are browsing through Facebook. Others include ‘sharing’ pictures in order to enter competitions, or sharing something in order to get free cash. None of them work. They are hoaxes.

facebook phishingAlso worth remembering

  • Nobody is sitting on high end products that they can’t sell or find a good home for!
  • Sharing a post wont help you find money?
  • Your phone doesn’t have a name!

Oh and one last thing.
stop taking part in those “it’s fun to tell us more about you” town born / nick names / maiden names etc. It’s all done in the name of fun, but effectively your just making it easier for somebody to steal your identity.

We don’t want to come over all over dramatic, we just want you to think twice before you post, if your not sure what to say? post a funny cat picture for instant likes and carry on.

cat picture example

You can use this if you want


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