The MailChimp advantage

Getting the best mail client and integrating in into your website

IFreddie_winkf you take email ad campaigning seriously, then MailChimp is the ideal companion you would require by your side. With over 7 million users, MailChimp is undoubtedly the most trusted partner to businesses around the world. And handling over 10 billion emails every month, you definitely needn’t worry about capabilities. But are the sheer size and the astronomical track record that make them the best? Well, by expert opinion, No; there is a lot more to MailChimp to than what meets the eye. Here we take a look at the distinctive advantages that choosing this mail client can offer the user, and how to make best out it.

The power of knowledge and simplicity

MailChimp offers two important benefits that most other mail clients are too stubborn to share – flexibility and knowledge. As far as flexibility is concerned, no matter what feature you want to set up with your email campaign, MailChimp makes it a whole lot easier for you. And MailChimp allows users to create and manage their marketing emails at home, office, in the move, in the loo, or literally any place the internet connects thanks to the various versions of the program that can be utilized. Simply download the MailChimp app to your Android or Apple iPhone and pin down great marketing ideas even when you’re away from your workplace.

MailChimp handles billions of marketing emails every month; now this offers a huge pool to fish for new marketing ideas, include new features that make the process simpler, research new techniques and ideas, and create tools that can help budding customers as well. So if you’re new to the entire marketing scenario, then you certainly can’t do any better without MailChimp. Utilize the knowledge database and innovative tools and design your ad emails for maximum impact. Learn from the experts on how much is too much and limit the number of emails you send out to preserve your credibility and upkeep your business. And these are just the basic ones you can achieve with the data that MailChimp has to offer.

Production through collaboration

Collaborative productivity is the order of the day, and MailChimp works well to get you exactly that. Get your designers, artists, coders and quite literally everyone in your design team at a single place almost anytime you need using the MailChimp Editor. The online discussion/production room allows people to connect online, and create effective ad campaigns no matter where they are. Import ad design from your desktop into the MailChimp Editor, and make changes online with valuable input from other players of your team. Even create a preview of the design and get valuable comments from friends and loyal customers as well.

The innovative features allow users to post comments and share updates so that other team members can view them when they come online. And setting up accounts in the MailChimp Editor is as simple as authenticating ordinary processes. The user simply has to setup an account and you can authorize the account and set the level of access the user get depending upon the role from the admin panel. It’s just as simple as that.


Simplifying serious marketing

The large arsenal of marketing tools available with MailChimp is what that makes it quite simply the best mail client. And the best part is, the tools simplify even some of the most complex marketing strategies. For instance, the A/B tester allows users to test which set of variables such as sender name, time of sending and so on work the best for them. Then the tool automatically sends out and decides the winner using an A/B split and sends the winning campaign to the rest of the users. Quite simply, you don’t need to know the first thing in marketing when you have MailChimp by your side. The mail client also includes other innovative tools such as automated mail compilers that send out welcome, subscription, and register mails automatically; report generators that keep a record of how well your ads are performing and a complete report on click rates; crawlers that detect potential customers who need special attention and so on.

MailChimp’s custom tools are also ideal for keeping track of your company’s performance and maintaining better relationship with the customers. The tools help you to segment your customers such that it is much easier to target more specific requirements. Also the ecommerce features help you to send automated emails based on user browsing preferences and also send product shipping updates when a product is purchased, enabling you to increase your revenue.


The right way to utilize MailChimp

Most bloggers and website owners use MailChimp on an everyday basis but still miss out the essential features that can bring them a fortune. This section helps such users figure how to utilize MailChimp to increase traffic flow. Now, getting your subscribers to read your post on an everyday basis is simply awesome, but you don’t have to do it manually, you can automate the process by simply utilizing the RSS to Email tool. Also control when your subscribers should get their updates; since time zones play a crucial role, use the time zone delivery option that delivers the email at the specified time adapting the user’s local time zone.

Integrating with social media sites is another efficient way to utilize MailChimp. The inbuilt tools available with MailChimp allow you to integrate your mailing list with publically available social data providing you a more complete info of your visitors. Also integrate your email ads with social accounts by allowing users to share your ad campaign on their profile with just a click of a button. With MailChimp integrate with other API service providers and bring every aspect of your campaign under a single roof as well. And the list just goes on and on. Get in touch with Off the Peg Design to get to know more about integrating MailChimp with your website and innovative ways in which you can utilize the MailChimp functionalities to boost your ad campaign.

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