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How Custom Web Apps can save you Time and Money

ipad-407799_1280Business owners in modern times often face the dilemma of understanding whether the recruitment of developers to create custom web applications can improve their overall productivity or not. Different companies possess different priorities and they focus on developing some aspects of the business in order to save time and money in the long run. IT infrastructure is increasingly becoming a leverage point for small and large businesses, and the core of this wave are web based custom apps. So, can a custom app save time and money for your business? Read on to find the answer for yourself.

Serving Business Interests The Way You Want It

It is not very uncommon for different companies to license applications and software from a vendor only to discover later on that it has no impact on the performance and growth of their business. However, in case of custom web apps, you are guaranteed that the application will fit all the requirements of your business and facilitate in its development. One of the most significant advantages of custom web apps is that most of the time they are tailor-made according to the specifications of the business owners by the developers in order to serve the needs of the company in the most efficient manner. You want a glitzy interface, ask for it? You want to sync your CMS with the app, ask for it? Want your office app to record attendances and manage payrolls? Ask for it! For discerning businesses that don’t settle with anything less than what’s tailor made for them, nothing beats the cost effectiveness of custom apps.

Accessibility and scalability, as governed by your business needs

In most cases, it is found that custom web apps are often more scalable and accessible than regular web applications, which despite being helpful do not always conform to your company requirements. On the other hand, custom web app developers tend to work on a contractual basis with the companies and so they are going to maintain the program while the business increases and expands in terms of size. The entire user experience on the web app might undergo important yet useful changes with the improvements in the company prospects. The next time you suddenly feel the need of a 1000 more licenses, don;t bother as your app developers will deliver simple and scalable solutions.

Normal web apps often face the problem of the interface being too sparse and unattractive to being extremely complicated and difficult to follow. This is not ideal for businesses and the custom web app must be capable of adapting to the business requirements as they continue to grow to a large scale. It is recommended that the custom web app meet all your business needs while permitting your business to expand without being restricted by the potential of the online application. After all, who wants fitting the hand inside a pre-made glove rather than having one woven to size!


Improved Protection – Hackers can’t beat what they don’t know about!

Custom web apps add an extra layer of protection to your business operations. Most of the successful hacking attempts on companies take place due to hackers exploiting the most common vulnerabilities in a commonly-used application. Web apps that have been created on a custom basis are a tougher nut to crack for hackers as you get the best blend of security features that hackers will never be able to make sense of. No need to pay 3rd party web security and anti-hacking solutions, your custom web app absorbs all the expenses.

Lightning_in_ArlingtonNo bolts out of the blues to shock you!

A significant reason why most businesses choose to opt for custom web apps is the fact that the application is updated and maintained for as long as you need it to be. When you work with regular web apps in your office, your company remains at the mercy of the app developers you are buying from and it is their decision what sort of apps they decide to develop. What will happen if the 3rd party cloud storage tool you use is discontinued one fine day? In such cases, your company might be suddenly put in a position of needing to alter the supported and maintained applications that help the employees carry on their tasks in the workplace in an efficient manner. This may lead to a debilitating unexpected expense for the company, apart from the man-hours that will be lost in correcting the problems caused.

Ensuring avoidance of phased expenses

Custom web apps are the perfect way to save up on paying for the added features of regular web apps. Though there are many free to use web apps found on the Internet, most of them require the user to pay a certain amount of money in order to unlock the full features which may be required by the business and in most cases, it is seen that these locked functions and features that are needed the most by a company. However, with custom web apps you no longer have to purchase any sort of extra hardware or change the configuration of your devices to run the app in a suitable manner. The developers of custom web apps tend to tailor the application to both the vendor of your hardware as well as the capabilities of the hardware in your place of business. Thereby, you actually end up saving money since you will no longer require any sort of extra hardware or software support.

Some alluring Features of Custom Web Applications

When you hire developers to create custom web applications for your company, you must ensure that the product is designed for the four corners of the screen without being restricted by screen dimensions. This allows you to future proof the custom web app.

The custom web app must be designed in such a manner that it has cross browser support and your employees should be able to run it smoothly across different browsers, including Android, iOS, Internet Explorer, Windows Phone 8, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. It is necessary for the custom web app to be device agnostic, which indicates that the users of the app must have a great experience irrespective of which device they use.

In terms of performance, businesses expect custom web apps to be top-notch since they not only cost a lot of money but the future of the company may ride on the success of the app. The custom web app must be developed with the intention of solving some real issues that are being faced by the company. It is necessary for the product to meet the basic needs and requirements of the user.

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  • How Custom Web Apps can save you Time and Money
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