Picking The Right Domain Name

Your domain name is what will get your website noticed but choosing a domain name is not as straightforward as you might think. Of course, it’s not a completely challenging task but there are some things that you will need to consider in order to get it right.

So, to help you pick the right domain name, we have come up with a guide to help get you on the right track.

Make Easy to Type

A long and confusing domain name will only cause issues for potential visitors. Avoid using abbreviations or unusual words as this can prove difficult for people to type. When choosing a domain name, simplicity is key.

Make it Easy to Remember

If you want people to be able to remember your website then it is vital to make sure that you choose a catchy domain name. It has to be short, snappy and clearly indicate what you offer which is why it can help to include some service words that relate to what you offer such as TomsCarMechanics.com.

Use Keywords or Target Your Area

The right content and SEO will work harder for your website than the right domain name but it still pays to get it right. Therefore, it can help to include keywords that relate to what you do. We touched on this in the previous point but if you are a plumber or electrician then try to get these keywords into the domain name. Furthermore, if you are a local business, it can help to include your area in your domain name such as FriendlyPlumberCardiff.co.uk.

Use The Right Extension

Domain name extensions are what you commonly see at the end of a domain name such as .co.uk or .com. These can have certain uses so it can help to make sure that you choose the right one. You might think that .com is the best choice but that is not always the case. It is also an old domain name extension which can make it difficult to find the right domain name. However, there are many other extensions such as geographic extensions such as .London or there are even extensions that are specific to certain industries.

Make Sure it Sounds Trustworthy

Your domain name will give your business a certain level of credibility. Branded domain names are more likely to come across as more trustworthy. Call yourself CheapPlumber.com and you might not get as much business as you would if you were called SGB-PlumbingServices.com.

The aim is to ensure that your domain name captures the attention of your chosen audience and that it is easy for them to remember. However, don’t focus too much on the name as how you rank and how you are discovered is likely to come down to your SEO strategy and the content that you have on your site. If you get this right then your domain name really won’t need to work that hard for you!

  • Picking The Right Domain Name
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