The importance of controlling the focus of your visitors

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controlling the focus of your visitors

The importance of controlling the focus of your visitors

Your website is the shop window to your business and the products or services that you sell. While your website as a whole is vital, there are certain areas of it that are more important than others. Think about the “ Buy Now” button. That is a crucial part of your website and is more important than the “About Us page”.

What this proves is that you need to control the focus of your visitors as that will help you to turn them into sales.

Create Focus with Contrast

The overall design of a website obviously plays a huge part, but adding contrast is something that can work wonders. Therefore, you can make those key aspects of your website stand out more than others by using contrast. This can mean elements such as light and dark contrast, size contrast, contrasting styles and colour contrast. All of this can grab the attention of your visitors and draw them to where you want them to go.

Grab Visitors with Images

Grab Visitors AttentionImages come in many different forms. With the correct image, you can redirect the attention of a visitor with ease. The trick here is to use images to draw their attention to things such as text and buttons. In fact, there is also a way to use images in order to point to that area of focus on your website. Think about an image of someone jumping in a certain direction. If you place a button in the area where they are jumping to, then visitors will be drawn to that area. This clever use of focus is proven to work.

The Use of Animation

Anything that moves will catch the eye and that is where animation can help. You definitely don’t want to go over the top with this as it will result in creating a website that looks a complete mess. Therefore, some light animation can help to highlight text, buttons or tooltips

Give Users What They Expect

You might want to call this convention but whatever it is, you should think about the behaviour patterns. Naturally, our eyes are drawn to the top of a webpage where we expect the navigation bar to sit. They also expect CTA’s to sit near the bottom of a page

As well as this, think about the audience that you are reaching out to and where they are located geographically as this can alter the way in which they read. If you think of a UK audience, most will read from left to right and so, their eyes will be naturally drawn to the left side of the screen. While there is nothing wrong with away from conformity, there is a lot to be said for sticking with it.

Any website will have a matter of seconds to grab the focus and attention of a visitor. Therefore, it is vital that you do all you can to make the experience as simple and stress-free as possible. If you do this right then your sales will skyrocket.

  • The importance of controlling the focus of your visitors
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