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Cross browser compatibility checking

Over the past decade or so, the internet has grown massively. There are now more pages online than ever before, more people accessing the internet than ever before, and of course, more web browsers being used to access the internet than ever before. The last is what is going to cause a lot of problems for businesses.

In the past, web developers were developing for one or two web browsers at the most. If they targeted these web browsers, they knew that the majority of people would be able to view the website how it was meant to be viewed. However, in this day and age there are at least six very popular browsers, but there are many more than that which cater for a considerable amount of people too. This can cause a real headache if you don’t know what you are doing.

W3CValidNow, all web browsers are designed to compile HTML, CSS and JavaScript code that can be found on websites. However, due to slight nuances in the code of the web browser, each of them will go about compiling and displaying in a slightly different way. Now, in most cases this isn’t going to be a problem, however in others, if the code you have created is ever so slightly off, the site won’t display properly at all. This means that customers are going to leave without really taking a browse about and purchasing anything. They won’t return. This is not something you want, which is why it is absolutely vital that you ensure that your website displays perfectly on as many websites as possible. Even as something as simple as a missing > tag could cause havoc in a browser, although surprisingly, internet explorer will display the site well. However, you have to bear in mind that despite internet explorer being a very popular browser, many people are leaving it in their droves and looking into other methods in which to browse the internet.

Of course, in this day and age we can’t just pay attention to web browsers which appear on desktop computers and laptops. We also have to pay attention to mobile devices, which not only involves ensuring that your site is coded properly for them, but also ensuring that everything works and displays well. This is quite a challenge as there is no normal website out there which will display properly on a mobile website. Quite often it will involve a whole new design. If you wish to find out more about though, please get in touch!

If you wish for your website to be checked for cross browser compatibility, or even to have some issues sorted out that you have noticed, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at ‘Off the Peg Design’. We would absolutely love to work with you to help you get that perfect website. You will even find that our prices are some of the most competitive within Essex.

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