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Professional Business Email

As most businesses have some kind of online presence, it is important that the space they occupy in the online world is one that looks and feel professional.

One of the biggest things that a business can do is to make sure that it is contactable. This can be done via a phone number or through their website but there is no better connection in the world that we live in than an email address.

An email address is no new concept but for a business, they are especially important not only for communication purposes but for the way in which your business is perceived.

Whether you are a large business or a sole trader, you might have a website which looks the part but you still might be choosing to use a free email account from the likes of Hotmail or Gmail or worse still, you might be using one from an ancient provider. Leaving you too scared to move away from it and what’s more, an email address from an old provider will not give your business any credibility at all.

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Why is a Professional Business Email Better?

Business Email SetupThe truth is, everyone is mindful of free email addresses when it comes to business and asking people to part with their cash. This is down to the fact that many scammers have made use of free email addresses for years. It has a stigma attached to it and that can be hard to shake off. However, if you have a professional-looking website, why reduce its attraction by coupling that up with an email address that simply doesn’t cut it?

A professional email address that contains your business name as the prefix looks great and gives your business so much more credibility. It will complement your website and ensure that it gives people belief in what you do.

So, you love the fact that your Hotmail or Gmail address is free and that is understandable. What’s more, you might think that a professional email address will set you back a lot of money but that is not the case. They are extremely cheap, costing nothing more than a few pounds and they can be linked up to your existing free-account in some cases.

It will enable you to give your business a more refined or polished appearance and that is always a bonus. However, you feel as though the move to a professional email address will be disruptive to communication but that is not the case. We are on hand to not only help you put a professional email address in place but also tidy up all of the elements that surround your current email address. Essentially, it is a simple solution and one that could transform your business for the better. Keeping everything streamlined such as your website and social media accounts makes sense but your email address should certainly be included too.

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