Now is the time to start your SEO campaign

7460434194_7118b14e3dTechnically, the best time to start your SEO campaign for this Christmas would have been last Christmas, if not before. However, we are going to assume that you didn’t. Not to worry though, the second best time is now. Yes, it may be early on in the year, but there is a reason why you need to start your SEO campaign sooner as opposed to later.

SEO is not a quick process. In order to climb up the search engines, you are going to need to put a lot of effort into researching the keywords you wish to rank for. You are going to need to work incredibly hard on producing quality content, and you are going to need to work hard to put together a good collection of links that point to your website. This can take months and months of work. In fact, just the preparation stage is going to take a while. It is an on-going process too. You will not just do some search engine optimisation and call it a day. You need to be constantly working on it. There is absolutely no way in which you will be able to put all this work in the week before Christmas.

Now, let’s say you could work without sleep, or had a team of dozens working on your website without sleep for a week before Christmas and you are able to do all of the things you mentioned above. You still would be too late to be found in the search engines. Google, and other search engines for that matter, take a while to index content. It could be weeks, if not months, before you start to see your hard work pay off. This means that if you start the month before Christmas, you will not see your hard work start to be rewarded until the week after, and that is too late.

To cap it off, there are plenty of other people out there with exactly the same idea as you. All of them will be working hard to pull in the huge number of customers that Christmas can generate for a business. If you leave things far too late to start ranking, you will be at the bottom of the pile. You will find it tough to compete. If you start now, you are going to have the edge over the vast majority of your competitors. Not all of them, some of them will most likely have been sensible. However, if you can climb to just the top three search results, you are going to make a decent amount of business. Of course, you are also going to be uncatchable in the rankings. If you work hard now, and continue to work hard throughout the next year, you will be reaping the rewards next Christmas whilst your competitors are left in the dust.

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