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How Can We Use It

As the technological revolution continue to gather pace, the next significant change on the horizon is the one where 5G is introduced. As far as mobile speeds go, the change is going to be significant but with that comes better connectivity and an enhanced way for businesses to reach out to customers.

We live in a world that is fast paced and 5G seems to complement that lifestyle perfectly but it will also make it possible for marketing strategies to be implemented in a more focused and streamlined way.

Video content will evolve

5g Fast mobile web design essexWe are already utilising the speed that comes with 4G but in reality, when it comes to speed, 5G wins hands down. While people are already hooked on watching videos, a change is coming because consumption levels are going to increase considerably as people take advantage of faster speeds. Therefore, businesses will be able to take advantage of creating 4K videos and putting them out there without worrying about people struggling to watch them. This now makes it possible to create captivating, immersive and stunning videos that really do capture the attention of users. Mobile media is massive and its growth is not going to slow down any time soon.

Interactive advertising

Whether interactive advertising is placed on websites, in apps or via social media, there is no doubt that interactive advertising will take customers on a whole new journey and with 5G speeds making this possible it seems as though the possibilities are endless. This interactive advertising is going to be providing consumers with a new way of learning about brands and what they offer. It can help to form new connections on a new level and that can lead to enhanced loyalty and more conversions.

5g Web Design EssexSocial media usage

Social media is already huge and there are no signs that these platforms are going to slow down any time soon. People love nothing more than to get the information they need quickly and 5G makes that easier than ever before. Whether it is reaching out to customers with information or media, businesses will now be ready to take whatever comes their way with their newly found fast connection speeds.

Artificial intelligence will grow

Artificial intelligence is slowly gathering momentum but there are certain aspects of this technology that is holding it back and that is the way in which people can connect with it. As the quality of video and networks increase, so will the development of AI-assisted content. Consumers will have the ability to find relevant content as algorithms continue to improve across social media platforms and that will means that businesses can become more discoverable if they produce the right content. So, as 5G forces digital video consumption upwards, it will make it possible for digital teams to meet that ever-increasing demand.

Tailored Campaigns

When you bring 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) together, it means that businesses can really market to individuals. They can take real information and anticipate what they need and when they need it. When businesses can take a one-to-many campaign and then use the correct data with machine learning and artificial intelligence, it will mean that 5G can create a unique experience for the customer.

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