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Grow naturally with website maintenance

Maintenance is an excellent way to keep a website updated with the latest technology so that it doesn’t become out of date. One good example of this is the removal of Flash technologies in favour of HTML5, which removes a web browser-crashing, resource hungry and security problematic solution for a modern one that has none of these qualities.

Flash was the best and often times the only choice with its features set at the time it was implemented, but with new technologies it is no longer the only option now. That means that while a site may not need to be completely redesigned, the Flash elements and Flash video should certainly be modernised using an HTML5 video player and animated GIFV files instead of Flash animation files included in a website. Your visitors will thank you when their web browser doesn’t crash; an issue particularly for lower-powered devices with less memory available to handle Flash’s foilbles.

Maintenance Can Improve SEO

Flash is not readable by Google. Other newer types of content are more search engine friendly. As a result, revised pages can be indexed better, with more appropriate keywords, and show up in more relevant search results. This can lead to an increase in traffic all created through solid maintenance and tweaks to an existing website.

content-is-king-1132258_640Maintenance Through Content Marketing

Content marketing and video marketing are two of the best ways to rank for more keywords, attract inbound links from other websites, and drive more traffic.

Adding new articles and blog posts can be an excellent way to create new link opportunities. Google like freshness, especially new content to an existing site can rank well too. Extending what has been published before into new areas (for instance, a previous article about content marketing can be complimented by a new article on video marketing) can be linked together, search engines can understand the linked relationship, and this helps create authority and higher ranked articles as a result.

Overhauling the existing content is also an excellent idea particularly with existing content that is receiving considerable traffic. The traffic numbers can be determined by looking into Google Analytics data to see which pages are the most popular.

For content that is doing particularly well, extending the content with more in-depth information, additional points, an improvement in the overall writing quality to improve communication, and adding media like infographics and higher quality images, less generic can help improve traffic numbers further. Google picks up on popular pages that have been recently updated and extended; the search engine also prefers longer content to shorter content too.


Natural Link Building

Natural link building is a process whereby content speaks to the reader so well that website owners naturally want to link to it within their own content. They desire to do this because your higher quality content reflects well on them when it helps their readers.

Low quality content rarely receives a natural link from another site where the site owner hasn’t had to manufacture a new inbound link. This is simply because the content isn’t high enough quality to be share-able whether on a website or across social media. No one is talking about the opinions expressed in the latest article because it isn’t finding an audience or the audience it is finding is not responding well to the opinions of the author.

Social Outreach

social-1148031_640Social outreach is a nice way to give natural link building a bit of a nudge without crossing the line into manufactured inbound links from unlikely, spammy sources.

This type of marketing effectively means building up a good relationship with other people (modestly) in the same niche. This is done by being present during discussions online, supporting opinions of peers, and adding your own thoughts. Posting on their Facebook page or commenting on a blog post on their website are good ways to do this. This makes them more familiar with your business, which often can be seen as complimentary to their own rather than in direct competition with it, and can make them open to an approach later.

The types of approaches include a request for a guest post on their site which can link back to your business, a joint venture, or even them writing on your blog which provides new quality content and some useful social proof when your site links out to their site.

The benefit of adding links goes both ways. Authority and improved traffic can both be achieved with a mix of increasing links from quality sources online and from outbound links to respectable sites.

Staying Relevant Is Vital

Many businesses tend to launch their site, never maintain it or add fresh content, and then wonder why their audience is shrinking. Google sees the reducing on-page time of the average visitor, determines that the site is not engaging enough and ranks the site lower. A lack of fresh, relevant content or a site that is out-of-date and difficult to navigate, can have a detrimental effect on engagement. This engagement issue affects time on-site, conversion rates and ultimately, sales for the business.

Off The Peg Design has a team of people who are specialists in understanding an audience, improving existing designs, redesigning complete sites, augmenting content to make it better, and adding thought-provoking new content that gets the attention of the existing audience. Natural link building and social outreach is also an area that can be built upon to improve the link profile of the site giving it a much better chance of being seen as worthy by Google. These kind of tweaks are essential in 2016 for a website (and company) to stay relevant in the fast moving internet world that we all live in today.

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